Saturday, October 19, 2019

 PIES SWEET AND SAVORY - nice book and good recipes
Apple Tourte with Nuts and Raisins
               Taste was WOW                        

Chicken and Vegetable Pielets 
Taste was WOW

Page 197
Swedish Cheese Tart
Taste was a mixed review
1-WOW (me)
Page 184
Creamy Spinach Tart
Taste was VERY GOOD
(make sure the spinach and watercress are very dry)

INSTANT POT COOKBOOK 550 RECIPES FOR EVERY DAY- poorly written and recipes are sometimes repeated or left off without finishing only to find the whole recipe a couple of pages further.  Otherwise the recipes were good.

Page 391
Pumpkin-Spice Brown Rice Pudding with Dates
Taste was VERY GOOD
I did not care for this- too much Cinnamon for me

Page 300
Maple Mustard Brussel Sprouts
Taste was VERY GOOD
I wanted more of something, maybe some Parmesan cheese