Saturday, December 3, 2016

September meeting I did Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I did not take pictures.  I made Chocolate pudding and chocolate mint sorbet.  Both were good, however, the sorbet was really hard to dish out.  It froze rock solid.  A good book but I would probably not use it again.

October I used Eat Cheap but Eat Well.  I did Must Have Seconds Chicken Waikiki and it was really Very Good, but I would cut the sauce by a third and leave the pineapple chunks out.

I also did Wild West Chili Soup, it was Nothing Special  I also did Seafood Bisque, it was not worth my time or money.  The taste was Not Good.  I would not use this book again.

In November , I used The Chopped Book.
Pork and Egg Stir Fry              Sauteed Chicken With            Pizza Strata  
with Broccoli                            Quick Mole Sauce

This was Nothing Special         This was Very Good              This was Very Good

None of the recipes were expensive and were easy to follow.  The pork and egg stir fry just had an off taste to me, I think it was the hoison sauce.  The sauteed chicken with quick mole sauce was a tad to hot but otherwise I would not change a thing.  The pizza strata just needed more pepperoni or if you are like me and do not like pepperoni, you could add mushrooms or sausage.

Ruby used Homemade Summer cookbook. 
The recipes she did were (Top Left) Peach Tart, (Top Right) Carrot Pie with Apple and Goat Cheese and (Bottom) Feta and Olive Loaf. They were all easy to follow and not expensive.  The peach tart was Very Good, the carrot pie was also Very Good and the feta and olive loaf was WOW.  She would absolutely use this book again and I borrowed it myself.