Saturday, September 23, 2017

September 21, 2017

I used the Brown Eggs and Jam Jars Cookbook.  I really liked this cookbook
The recipes I tried were:

1. Page 95- Quick Pickled Ginger Baby Carrots-
                    Easy to follow, not expensive to make but the taste was NOTHING SPECIAL for me.  Too much vinegar taste.  I would not use this recipe again unless I tweeked it.  It was very simple to make.

2. Page 225- Honey Ginger Sweet Potato Puree-
                     Easy to follow, not expensive and taste was VERY GOOD.   It did seem a little to wet but the taste was so good that I did not mind the wetness.

3. Page 301- Homestead Homemade Yogurt-
                     Easy to follow, not expensive and taste was VERY GOOD AFTER I DRAINED IT IN CHEESECLOTH OVERNIGHT.  This recipe was a pain in the neck to make for an impatient person, which I am.  The milk had to be heated very slowly to 180 degrees and then cooled to 110 degrees.  This took over an hour.  The yogurt in the beginning was very mild so I took the hint on the page and drained it overnight.  The taste was much better.  I added blueberries when we were tasting it.

I will use this cookbook again.