Monday, August 22, 2016

Hi All!

It has been a while since our last session.  Above you will see what cookbooks we used at our last meeting on August 18th, and , some of the results of the recipes we used from those books.

Ruby used the Vermont Country Store cookbook.  The picture on the bottom right was: Salted Caramel Buttermilk Fudge on page 231- the recipe was easy to follow and not expensive to make.  The taste was NOTHING SPECIAL.

She also did Ginger Peach Chutney on page 210 (top right jar with white lid) and again easy to follow and not expensive to make.  Taste was UGH.

 Ruby said she would not use the cookbook again.
( Recipes used a lot of maple syrup which can get expensive and can taste overpowering in my opinion.)

Ruby also used the cookbook Modern Hospitality.  She did Collard Green Dip on page 21 (middle dish in picture).  The recipe was easy to follow and not expensive to make, taste was VERY GOOD.  She would not change a thing in the recipe and she would use the cookbook again. 

I totally agree with her, the dip was delicious.

I used Better Homes and Gardens Can It!

First of all, let me tell you this was my first experience in canning and it was almost my last.  This hot weather we were experiencing made the process almost unbearable, however, I persevered.

Okay, the first one I did was Lemon Honey Jelly on page 75 (top left).  Easy to follow and not expensive to make.  Taste was GOOD, but I wanted more of a lemon taste and this had more honey taste.

The second one was Spiced Pumpkin Butter on page 213 ( under top left)- again easy to follow and not expensive.  Taste was GOOD but again I wanted more ( pumpkin taste).

The third recipe I did was Herb Jelly on page 183 (next to top left)  Easy to follow and not expensive- taste was GOOD and I would not change a thing with the taste, however, it did not reach a jelly stage.  We follow directions precisely when we make these recipes.  I would have let it boil a little while longer so that it reached the jelly stage.  I will make this recipe again. 

I did not like all the sugar that the recipes called for.  I do not think that I will use this cookbook again.  When I can again, I will find recipes with less sugar.

That is it for August.  Hope this helps you with cooking good stuff!